Ocean Plastic Squarebill Crankbait Full Collection

Brand: Recast Fishing

Sale price$39.99


Crankbaits are the world’s most popular style of fishing lure. Used most commonly for casting, the crankbait is defined by the “lip” or bill at the front of the lure, which forces the lure to have an erratic action and dive to various depths depending on the size/length as it is retrieved.

Made from 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic, the ReCast Crankbait features a square bill lip, diving to a range of ~1-5 feet. The body is designed to produce lifelike side-to-side swimming action as the lure moves through the water. The hollow body contains a steel-ball rattle mechanism
 that emits vibrations into the water for easy detection to attract nearby fish, and features two high-quality Mustad treble hooks.

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