Ocean Plastic Lipless Rattlebait Full Collection

Brand: Recast Fishing

Sale price$39.99


Lipless rattlebait (aka "rattle baits") are highly versatile fishing lures, effective at catching a large variety of species, and is commonly used for both casting and vertical jigging techniques. It is also popular amongst anglers aiming for bass.

The lipless rattlebait, as the name suggests, does not include a lip or bill and is designed to sink. This makes it effective and at a range of depths, suitable for both shallow and deep fish.

The ReCast lipless rattlebait model is made from 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic. It is a medium diver and features a flat profile to produce lifelike side-to-side swimming action as the lure is retrieved. These lures have a hollow body containing a steel-ball rattle chamber and features two high-quality Mustad treble hooks.

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