Gamo Wildcat Storm with 4x32 mm Scope

Brand: Gamo

Size: .177 calibre
Sale price$299.99


Gamo Wildcat Storm is a high-performance air gun designed specifically for the Canadian
market. It is available in two caliber options: .177 (1300 feet per second) and .22 (1000 feet per
second). This exceptional air gun is equipped with the latest technologies, including IGT (Inert
Gas Technology), SAT (Smooth Action Trigger), and a ventilated rubber recoil pad. With a scope
package that includes a Gamo 4X32 scope with rings, this air gun delivers unmatched accuracy
and power.
Key Features

1. IGT (Inert Gas Technology): The Wildcat Storm incorporates the revolutionary IGT
piston, replacing traditional spring-powered mechanisms. This innovative technology
offers higher velocity, reduced vibration, and an extended lifespan, giving you improved
knockdown power and accuracy.
2. SAT (Smooth Action Trigger): The SAT trigger is a patent-pending development by Gamo,
designed to enhance shooting precision. With its smooth action pull and crisp, clean
feel, the SAT trigger allows you to shoot like a professional, maximizing pinpoint
3. Scope Package: Each Wildcat Storm comes with a Gamo 4X32 scope with rings. This
shockproof and fog-proof scope is specifically designed to withstand the unique
demands of air gun shooting, providing clear and precise sight picture.
4. Weight: 5.64 lbs.

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