CDX-R7 SPTR Series 6.5mm Creedmoor Hybrid Tan/Black

Brand: Canadian Hunt Shop

Sale price$3,299.99


After spending years perfecting our multiple tactical and long-range platforms, it was time for Cadex to diversify its selection. This is why Cadex added two rifles oriented toward the performance hunter. Not everyone is a firm believer in carbon fiber barrels. Some people are more conservative and they prefer a traditional stainless steel barrel. For this reason, Cadex designed the CDX-R7 SPTR, a variant equipped with a sporter-profiled stainless steel barrel. Cadex added some longitudinal flutes for weight reduction, faster cooling and a nicer look. The CDX-R7 SPTR shares the same features as the CDX-R7 CRBN except for the barrel type, which makes it more affordable. If you are looking for a reliable hunting rifle of superior craftsmanship, fit and finish than what is offered by mass-production gun makers, the CDX-R7 SPTR is what you’ve been searching for.

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