Excalibur - Boltcutter Broadheads 150 Grain Broadhead – 6 Pack

Brand: Excalibur

Sale price$89.99


This 150 grain broadhead has proven itself to be the most accurate hunting head on today’s high-speed hunting crossbows, delivering amazing accuracy even at extreme range when teamed with an appropriately designed arrow. The Boltcutter is made entirely from high-strength stainless steel to withstand the hardest hit and still deliver devastating terminal performance.

  • 6-Pack
  • 150 grains
  • CLS (Center Locking System): The most accurate and durable broadhead assembly available
  • Change the blades without removing the broadhead body from the arrow.
  • 1 1/16″ Cutting diameter.
  • High Strength stainless steel blades and tip

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