Coyote Countdown 2023 Tickets

Brand: Canadian Hunt Shop

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Prizes and Cash will be awarded for the following 5 categories;

  • 1st. Largest Coyote
  • 2nd Second largest coyote
  • 3rd. Third largest coyote
  • 4th. largest coyote
  • 5th largest coyote

Time Period and General Rules;

  • Contest opens February 1 and will close February 28th of 2023.
  • All coyotes will need to be weighed in at the Belleville location.
  • If hunting in teams in any way, BOTH/ALL members must have entries for the coyote derby for the coyotes to count.
  • The person weighing in the coyote MUST have shot the coyote. You may not weigh in a coyote that someone else shot.
  • All MNR applicable hunting reg’s will apply as well as any provincial /federal or municipal laws with the respect to hunting coyotes.
  • All entries will be marked at time of weigh in.
  • Cash Payout prizes based on the number of entries will be distributed along with the awarded prizes for the first 5 spots.
  • Cash prize guaranteed value's will be posted by Jan 31st. Total payout for the top 5 weights in cash and prizes will be $2500.00 in total.

One prize per entrant as usual. You can bump your weight up on an unlimited basis. Tickets/Entries will be available online, in store or email to with an e-transfer.

Complete list of prizes will be posted by Jan. 31/23.

Tickets will be available for purchase on Monday January 16/23

Each entry will be $20.00

Prizes are as follows;

1st          Franchi Momentum Camo Bolt action .223

2nd.        As a proud sponsor, Fur The North will be transforming your coyote hide into a beautiful pair of fur mittens or trapper style hat. 

They are your one stop shop for both fur tanning, dressing and sewing. 

What better way to remember that hunt for years to come, than to proudly wear that beautiful, warm, winter fur. 

(Winner to choose mittens or hat)

Coyote Mittens Retail Value: $420

Coyote Fur Trapper Style Hat Retail Value: $450


Facebook: Fur The North

Instagram: fur_the_north

3rd.         Savage Axis XP [caliber of choice]

4th.         Ammunition Package including 1 each of the following ;

  1. 325 round box of .22 lr
  1. 20 round box of centerfire rifle- standard caliber [ federal/Winchester]
  1. Box of 3” Kent waterfowl
  1. Box of Federal Gland Slam Turkey shot
  1. Box of Hornady SST 250 gr Muzzleloader bullets
  1. Box of Hornady 12 g 2&3/4” sst sabot slugs
  1. Case [100 round] Federal #8 target load

5th          4rth.      Icotech GC 350 predator call

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